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22nd March 2021

We have another great read for you. 'Memoirs of a brass tube blower' by Dennis Wilby. Dennis has been a great supporter of Boobs and Brass and was conductor of the 'Southern' Boobs.
Here's the link for more details and how to grab a copy for yourself

1st January 2021

Today we have posted our last donation of 2020 to Breast Cancer Now.

Since our last update, we have sent a further £30 from the sale of face masks that Sue Herbert made, a £20 donation from Sonya Freeman who has the `Blue Surf Pod` in Raunds – during lockdown, supporters of Boobs & Brass, Gareth Haynes and Peter Beale located a supply of flour for her and they would not accept any payment, so Sonya kindly gave us a donation.

There was also a CD sale of £10 plus a donation on our Just Giving Page of £30 from another great supporter of ours.

This takes our donations to breast cancer research up to £230,032 and together with the £36,318 that has gone to `other charities`, our Grand Total to the end of 2020 is £266,350. Click here to see full breakdown

It has been a very difficult year for everyone and we hope that there are great improvements in the coming year that will allow us to get back together, to make music and raise more, much needed funds to help the researchers.

Until then, please stay safe and well.

Boobs & Brass

24th September 2020

Hi Everyone, We hope you are all keeping well and being cautious in these very uncertain times.

During the last `lock down` period, one of our euphonium players, Sue Herbert,
made some protective facial masks and sold them.
She has very kindly donated 50% of the proceeds to Boobs & Brass. Thank you Sue.
Your efforts are very much appreciated and today, we have posted a cheque for the £164.70
to Breast Cancer Now.

Another one of our playing members has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and
has undergone chemotherapy and surgery.One of the side effects was that
she lost her hair. Two of her very best friends decided that they would have their heads shaved
and try to raise some funds for Target Ovarian Cancer. Boobs & Brass made a £50 donation towards this.
They raised a fantastic amount so well done girls! Sending our lovely “Boobie” our very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

This takes our overall fund raising total to £266,260 of which ££229,942 has been donated
to breast cancer research and the remaining £36,318 going to various other causes,
a breakdown of these charities can be found on our website.CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, we have not been able to get together to perform any concerts, and as a consequence
our fund raising has been drastically affected. At present there does not seem
to be an end to this horrible virus so all we can do is keep safe and hope that 2021 brings better news.

All The best

16th July 2020

Today we have posted a cheque for £175.00 to Breast Cancer Now.

This amount was donated in memory of Mrs Heather Dixon – Kay Hollingworth's Mum, following her death in June. Having suffered breast cancer herself, Heather was an avid supporter of Boobs & Brass and its concept. We shall miss her smiling face and seeing her at our concerts. She was always happy to chat with the girls and help in any way she could. Goodnight Heather – Rest in Peace.

In addition to this cheque, we have also received £30.00 on our Just Giving page and this takes our overall fundraising total up to £266,046 of which £229,778 has been donated to breast cancer research with the other £36,268 going to other needy charities. A breakdown of these can be found at:

Let us hope that in the not too distant future we are able to reconvene and, once more, work together making music, perform concerts and raise more, much needed funds to help those not so fortunate as ourselves.

Keep safe and well.

Boobs and Brass

13th February 2020

Thanks To Rufford Park Golf Club!!

Rufford Park Golf and Country Club is set in beautiful, picturesque surroundings in the heart of Sherwood Forest and renowned bandsman, Stan Lippeatt, has been a member of the Club for many years and was appointed `Captain` for the year 2019/2020.

Stan has been connected with Boobs & Brass for many years, conducting various performances, offering us advice and is a staunch supporter of our concept and what we do in raising funds for breast cancer research and other worthy charities.
Some of our playing members have experienced this horrible disease and it hit Stan and his family very hard when his daughter, Amy, was diagnosed with it three years ago. Fortunately, after successful treatment, Amy is doing well and is a member of this unique band of `Boobies`.

Therefore, it was no surprise that Stan nominated Breast Cancer Now as the charity to be the recipient for funds raised during his tenure.

In addition to this, the Lady Captain, Marion Burrell, also chose Breast Cancer Now as her nominated charity.

Throughout 2019, various fund raising events took place –

`Four Rounds of Golf` in a day which involved Stan, Marion, together with Senior Captain Jim Stirland and Junior Captain Harry Beckwith playing one round of golf at Rufford Park, another one at South Chesterfield, then lunch followed by the third round at South Chesterfield and back to Rufford Park for the final one. All in one day. Phew!!!

There was also a `PINK `day organised - seeing Stan in a kilt was a sight to behold. The question on everyone`s mind being- `what has he got on under there???` We never did find out!!

Another fund raiser was the `Captain`s Charity Bunker` where anyone landing their ball in the bunker had to pay 50p.

2019 was the 25th Anniversary of Rufford Park and an Open Day was arranged. Stan asked if Boobs & Brass would attend to provide musical entertainment and we were only too happy to accept this invitation. The girls arrived, including Amy and Stan`s wife Christine, but the inclement weather meant that plans were changed and we had to play indoors rather than in the lovely grounds of the Club. However, when the clouds dispersed and the sun shone down, Stan requested that we moved everything to play outside on the veranda. The girls reorganised everything, sat down to play the next piece - but - as we started, the black clouds drifted back, covered the sun and deposited their raindrops on us half way through. Not such a good idea after all Stan! As always, despite a few mascara runs and flattened hair styles, the girls never complained, moved everything back indoors and carried on with the job.

Also, throughout the year, various raffles and auctions took place and donations were made including one of £25 from Simon Willis who played at The British Open Brass Band Golf Day.

Now that Stan`s and Marion`s term of office has come to an end and final figures have been calculated , we have been informed that they, and Rufford Park Golf Club, have raised the incredible amount of £3,804.90.

On behalf of Boobs & Brass, we offer our congratulations and sincere thanks to everyone involved in raising this fantastic amount which will fund more research at Breast Cancer Now (reg. charity number 1160558). It`s declared ”Action Plan” is “by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live”. We hope that all our efforts will contribute to making this happen.


24th December 2019

Click on the image above to read about when Keith and I met agreat lady called
Dorothy Sessa on our travels through the Panama Canal
CLICK HERE and learn about her`Flight to Freedom.
Perhaps send her a message – she was very interested in our story and I am
sure she would be pleased to hear rom you.

23rd December 2019

Hi Everyone, Today we are sending a cheque for £515to Breast Cancer Now. This has been raised as follows
£200 - A very generous donation from Dodworth Colliery Band
£150 - Gareth Haynes organised an `Oompah` Band to play at AFC Rushden & Diamonds Football Club and their fee was donated to us
£40 - A further donation was received in memory of the late Mrs Hazel Molly Morgan, a great supporter of ours
£32 - A further donation received from our October concert at Thrapston
£40 - A donation received from one of our "Boobies"
£53 - General donations received
We also received a £10 donation on our Just Giving Page
Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to this donation - it is very much appreciated
This takes our overall fundraising total up to £262,036 of which £225,768 has been donated to breast cancer research with the remaining £36,268 going to other worthy charities. Click Here for a full breakdown of these charities
From all at Boobs & Brass, we wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year
Thank you all for your continued support

2nd November 2019 - Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone, Today we are sending a cheque to Breast Cancer Now for the amount of £1468.00. This has been raised as follows:- £1105.00 50% of the proceeds from our concert last Saturday at Thrapston Plaza
£107.69 Donations received in memory of the late Mrs Hazel Molly Morgan who passed away recently. Hazel was a great supporter of Boobs & Brass and she helped us greatly with our fundraising. Many thanks to her family for choosing BCN as the recipient of this donation.
£50.00 Donation received from 8 year old Kimberly Longstaffe who made bracelets for her Brownie badge work from lollipop sticks and sold them to her friends.
£50.00 Donation from Aldwincle Village Hall Committee.
£97.35 Profit from the sales of Alan Nichols` book “I`ve Had This Idea”.
£57.96 General donations.
We are also making a payment to Magpas Air Ambulance for £1105.00 being 50% of the proceeds from our Thrapston Plaza concert. There was also £84 raised from the sale of their Christmas cards and merchandise making a total of £1189.00
This takes our fund raising total to £261,511. Of this, £225,243has been donated for breast cancer research with the remaining £36,268 going to various good causes. See our website for a breakdown of these.
Thank you to every person who has been part of this fundraising. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference!


26th October 2019 - Hi Everyone

What a splendid night had by all at the Thrapston Plaza last night. We should celebrate the full-house audience who appreciated the varied programme and warm atmosphere. Well done to everybody. There are a few videos on YouTube. See the links below

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4


16th September 2019 - Hi Everyone

Alan Nichols, Jane's husband, has written 'A light-hearted history of Boobs and Brass' entitled 'I'VE HAD THIS IDEA'. It is now available to purchase at a cost of £12.95 (plus postage if being mailed to you). To purchase a copy please email
Details also on Facebook


5th September 2019 - Hi Everyone

We're getting ever closer to our Autumn Charity Concert at Thrapston Plaza. Tickets are available through Maggie. It's going to be a geat night!


8th Feb 2019 - Hi Everyone

Today we have sent a cheque for £4,840 to Breast Cancer Now
This was raised as follows
£3415.00 - Boobs & Brass performance at Butlins and collections over the weekend
£1000.00 - another donation from Lincolnshire Hospitals Band re Lincoln Cathedral concert
£115.25 - donation from Rushden Mission Band from their fund raising
£110.40 - donation from Cholsey Silver Band - they held a raffle at their December concert
£65.00 - sale of our cd`s
£134.35 - General donations
Thank you to everyone who has raised this money for us. Our fund raising total now stands at £256,239 Of this - £221,260 has been donated to breast cancer research and the other £34,979 has been donated to other good causes

Jane & Maggie

8th Feb 2019 - Hi Everyone

We are sending a cheque to Breast Cancer Now for £267.00
This is from Mr Peter Vause from the Lincolnshire Hospitals Band
and is an addition to the donations that he received on his
Just Giving Page for the Sky Dive that he did to raise funds for Boobs & Brass.
This takes our total fundraising amount to £251,399
(£216,420 for breast cancer research and £34,979 for other charities).
Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy 2019..
Maggie & Jane 14 December 2018 Hi Everyone, Just to let you know - we have received some more donations on the Just Giving pages - £340 in total. There is £90 on Ewan Robson`s page and £250 on Boobs & Brass page (Margaret Betts). The £250 is from a `Boobie` who has not played with us for a while but still follows us and supports what we are doing. So - to this Boobie - we would like to say a huge `thankyou` for this very generous donation and for continuing to support our concept and cause. You know who you are !! These additional donations now take our total fun raising total to £251,132. Of this, £216,153 has gone to breast cancer research and the remaining £34,979 to other worthwhile charities. Maggie & Jane

22nd Nov 2018 - Hi Everyone

Since our last update there have been more donations received on some of
the Just Giving pages, as follows
Ewan Robson - £479
Sue Herbert - £35
Peter Vause - £10
M Betts - £60(including donation from Judith Hayes from
the sale of her music)
Therefore, this additional £584 takes our total fund raising to
£250,792 (£215,813 to breast cancer research £34,979 to other charities)
Thanks everyone
Maggie & Jane

16th Oct 2018 - Hi Everyone

Today we have sent cheques to the value of £7606.00
to Breast Cancer Now
This is made up as follows
£6000.00 - concert at Lincoln Cathedral
£623.45 - Bucket collection at Lincoln
£218.80 - Raffles on the coaches to Lincoln
£393.50 - CD`s and other merchandise sold at the Lincoln concert
£370.25 - other donations and cd sales
In addition to this we received a donation from
Amy Bland of £500 Just Giving page - Genette Gilbert,
cornet player Lincolnshire Hospitals Band £65.00
Additions to Ewan Robson`s and Boobs & Brass (Margaret Betts)
Just Giving Pages
The Grand Total is now £250,208.00
£215228 to breast cancer research
£34980 to various other charities
Thank you to everyone who has made this happen.
It is an absolutely incredible achievement.
Your support and encouragement has, and still is very much appreciated.
Jane & Maggie

4th Oct 2018 - Hi Everyone

Today we have posted a cheque to Breast Cancer Now for £100.
This generous donation was given to us by supporters
of Boobs & Brass who are unable to make the Lincoln concert.
Thank you very much - you know who you are!!
In addition to this, there have been more donations made
on some Just Giving pages, as follows
Boobs & Brass - £72
Sue Herbert - £30
Sharon Marshall - £130
Ewan Robson - £100
Total of donations in this report - £432.00
Total of funds raised - ££241,892 (BCN £206,912.34 Other £34,979.36)
Amount needed to hit £250,000 - £8,108
Thank you all for your continued support
Maggie & Jane

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