Boobs & Brass are delighted to have been awarded the BBC Music Day Brass Band Award
for the band that best embodies the BBC Music Day 2017 theme"The Power of Music".
Click HERE for further details of our weekend at the Whits where we were presented with the award

14th June 2017: Click HERE for the news about our latest donation to Breast Cancer Now

Boobs & Brass was formed in May 2006 & is based in Northamptonshire, England.
We have raised over £206,793.00 for charity since our first concert
£174,816 of this has been donated to Breast Cancer Now
(Click HERE for further details)
Our ninth research project has been selected which is costing £22,600
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On Friday , 9th June Boobs & Brass took part in the famous `Whit Friday Marches`.
We are extremely fortunate and grateful that our travel costs to this unique brass banding event were sponsored by Lifeplus – a company that creates nutritional formulations that promote wellness, and help people develop their own individual understanding of the benefits of supplementation.
Their President and Co-Founder quotes - “At Lifeplus , we  want to inspire everyone to lead  happier, healthier lives; to make positive choices to improve their wellbeing. That`s why we create our product the way we do; high quality formulations of key nutrients to support the countless little miracles our bodies perform each day”
They also state - “We have created a simple shorthand for how we can pay more attention to our overall wellbeing in our daily lives.We call it our Lifeplus formula; a summary of our knowledge and experiemce simplified into four key areas – Eating Well, Staying Active, State of Mind and Nutritional Supplementation. The idea behind this is simple – if you combine all elements of our formula together, you will be positively contributing towards your holistic wellbeing.”
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