Fundraising total so far

Since September 2006 - is £256,239
£221,260 has been donated to Breast Cancer Now
Other charities have received £34,979 (more details at bottom of this page)

31 October 2017

Today we have sent a cheque to Breast Cancer Now for the amount of £930.38

The concert in Egham on 22nd October raised £893.28 and there was also general donations in the pots of £7.10.
Many thanks to Gill and her team, Dennis, all the girls (and men) and the people behind the scenes who made this event happen.

In addition, we received a donation of £30.00  reference Mike Kilmartins Music - yet again, thanks Mike!

This donation not only clears the balance outstanding against the current research project that we are funding but leaves us with £300 to start the next one off.

Todate, this takes our overall fundraising balance to £218,932 with £183,466 towards breast cancer research and the remaining £35,466 going to various worthy charities.

Thank you all for your continues support and committment.

Maggie & Jane

October 2017
Today, we are sending £1868.95 to Breast Cancer Now.

This amount is made up as follows:-

£1000.00 - Sally Thorburn, one of our trombonists, was nominated to be a `Swinton Diamond` by her employer, Swinton Insurance, and Sally chose Breast Cancer Now to be the recipient of this donation. Thank you Sally - and well done!

£470.25 - Our concert at the Priory Place Methodist Church in Doncaster. In addition to this, the Church also received the same amount.

£150.00 - At our Doncaster concert, we auctioned a Doncaster Rovers Football shirt, framed and signed by the players. This was the amount raised and we thank Alan Needham most sincerely for donating this to our cause.

£248.70 - Recently, another one of our trombone players - Melanie Bones - lost her beloved mother, and the family requested donations if people wished, rather than flowers. We would like to pass on our condolences on to Mel and her family for their loss.

This takes our total fundraising up to £216,133 - £182,536 to Breast Cancer Research - £33,597 to other charities.

Thank you all for you continued support.

Jane & Maggie

August 2017

Today we are sending a donation of £3265.00 to Breast Cancer Now and this money has been raised as follows:-

    `Legends in Brass` Concert with The Hatfield Band (organised by Mike Kilmartin) £1000.00
    The `Shi Dance` in Doncaster                                  £1780.00
    Steve Alexanders Oompah Band                             £ 175.00
    Mr & Mrs T. Robinson Golden Wedding donations    £ 190.00
    `Friends` of Boobs & Brass                                     £   70.00
    Donation Theresa Thornton                                     £   25.00
    Donation S. Ludlow/M. Vine                                    £  25.00

Our fund raising total is now £212,948 with £179,821 of this being donated for breast cancer research and £33,127
raised for various other charities.  Please see our website for details.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to raise this money.

Jane & Maggie

July 2017

Today we are sending another donation to Breast Cancer Now for the amount of £1740.00.This has been raised as follows:-

Concert with Strata Brass on 17.06.17        £1150.00
Concert in Cardiff  24.06.17                        £  330.00
Prize at Whits                                          £    20.00
Donation from Mike Kilmartin from music sales  £  240.00

Thank you to everyone who helped to raise this money which will be allocated to the research project that we are currently funding. In addition to this, there was also another £1150.00 raised at the Strata Band concert which was for their band funds.

This takes our overall fund raising amount to £209,683.00
Of this, £176,556 has gone to breast cancer research and the other £33,127 to other charities.Many thanks to everyone for your continued support.
Jane & Maggie
June 2017

Today we have sent a donation to Breast Cancer Now for the amount of £2910.00 which will be allocated to the project we are currently supporting at King`s College London. 
This has been raised as follows:-

Concert at Titchmarsh 13th May                       2136.00
Collection at funeral of Mr Ellis                           440.00
Donation from Nottingham University                   100.00
Donation re talk to Raunds ladies                         50.00
Donation Stamford Band re Mike Kilmartin            30.00
Donation from `down south` supporter                   32.00
General donations                                             122.00

In addition to this, the charity has received the `matched` amount - £593 - for the money raised at the carolling event at Thorpe Castle Barn in December.
Also, in addition to the money shown above raised at the Titchmarsh concert, there was also £2136.00 donated to  the Alzheimer`s Society.
This takes our overall fund raising amount to £209,683.00
Of this, £176,556 has gone to breast cancer research and the other £33,127 has helped various other charities including Alzheimer`s Society, Prostate Cancer UK, Brain Tumour Research, British Legion, Help for Heroes, Macmillan, Marie Curie, Crazy Hats and several churches.

February 2016
Next week we are sending £1,940 to Breast Cancer Now. This has been raised as follows:-
£1050.00 - Carol Service in Sheffield City Hall with Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School
£ 554.01  -  Peter Vines birthday/retirement `do` at The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Market Harborough.
£20.00 - Donation from Sharon Clarke`s aunty.
£50.00 -  Sally-Ann Sephton  donation from sale of furniture
£51.34 -  Alan Fernie - donation from Royalties of music he arranged for us.
£60.00 -  Don Owen of Stomvi - donation from sale of mouthpieces at Butlins
£20.00 - Sale of Steve Walkers arrangement of `You Raise Me Up`
£20.00 - Carol Playing at Raunds Cons Club
£50.00 - Sale of Tee shirt donated by Peter Roberts
£64.65 - General donations

This takes our Grand Total of funds raised to £183,422   ( £158,980 to Breast Cancer Charities - ££24,442 to other charities)

We have achieved £11,383 of the £12,700 required to fund our Eighth Research Project leaving a balance of £1,317 to raise before the end of May 2016.
Not forgetting that we shall be receiving a donation from Dronfield Genquip Band before then from their Charity Ball  which will go towards this remaining balance.

Well done everyone. Thank you all who have enabled us  to send yet another substantial amount to the charity and hopefully another small step towards finding a cure for this horrible disease. Your continued support is amazing and very much appreciated.


Jane & Maggie

2015 events
£8150 June 2015:
Derngate Theatre - £5700.64   Verwood with "Blushing Brass" - £2205.11  Raffle at Chesterfield concert - £86.00 Donation from Tracey Keith from sale of cosmetics - £60 - Alan Fernie has donated Royalties  - £11.46, Sale of `hedgehogs` knitted by `Chappers` mum - £31.00, Donation from the `sweet man` on Raunds Market - £50.00, General donation - £5.66. There is also an additional £304.00 on the Just Giving account of Kevin Holdgate. These amounts have enabled us to achieve the target of £17545 to complete the funding of  our 7th Research project! In addition to these figures there was another £2205.11 donated to the charity from "Blushing Brass" ( the proceeds were split 50/50) so this has been included in our overall Grand Total.
May 2015: £200 from Oompah Night at Rushden Golf Club & £1435 from Irchester Bowls Club,
February 2015: Butlins Skegness - £2832, Trombones Against Breast Cancer (Kevin Holdgate) - £1207,
Worthing Concert - £1127, Niagra Club Sheffield Concert - £327, Rushden Golf Club carol playing - £128, Sale of Boobie Sheep - £102, Rushden Town Band donation from their carol playing - £250, Mairi Addy - playing in her local at Christmas - £100
Friends of Boobs - £64, General Donations- £213
In addition to this - there is another £545.00 on Kevin Holdgate`s Just Giving page for "Trombones Against Breast Cancer" which is still receiving donations. This has gone direct to BCC.What a fantastic start to the year. This will all be going to the new Research Project that we are funding (details to be announced shortly).
This takes our total fundraising up to £156,507 - £136,946 to BCC - £19,506 for other charities.

£2212 December 2014: Lighthouse Theatre concert - £1050 (We also donated £100 to The British Legion) Bolsover Festival - £669 Sale of Pbones - £320 Becky Ludlow playing Last Post - donation from Milton Malsor Parish Council £50 `Chappers` Mum knitting and selling pink hedgehogs - £20 CD Sales - £70 General Donations £33

We have now paid for the Research Project and have £600 in reserve for the next one that we select.

£3,230 October 2014 Massed Bands with Brighouse & Rastrick Band - £1500, Bucket collection at Huddersfield Town Hall - £1000,
Brighouse Festival - balance of payment - £300, CD Sales - £270, Donations - £160
£1000 September 2014 Concert Salvation Army Hall Sunday 7th Sept  £789, Sale of CDs £60, Friends of Boobs & Brass £60, addition from Knighton Church £25, Donation from Rushden Town Band £20, Donation from a lady in Horsham £40, General donations £6
£371 August 2014 Thorpe Waterville Duck Race
July 2014 Brighouse Festival street collection £600.16, Sale of loom bands 368.40, CD sales £270, Donations £11.44 £3200 June 2014 - Whit Friday Marches 13th June £1532.50, Sale of 4 pink Pbones £340.00, Donation from Quinn Glass Ltd £100, Concert at St Mary`s Church, Knighton £1150.00, Loom Bands £21.66, Playing at Anniversary Party £50, Donation pots £5.84.
£2020 May 2014 - £1750 from Titchmarsh, £190 from the sale of CDs, £60 donations & £20  - from the sale of "You Raise Me Up" (arr. Steve Walker)- puchased by a Japanese lady at the Europeans!!
April 2014 - Concert at Sharnbrook £1200 (£1200 was also raised for the Sharnbrook Mill Theatre)
Sale of CDS £370, donation from pupils at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe school £60.00.
Donation from people listening at `up north` rehearsal 16th March £29.50 Other donations £595.50

Click HERE for fundraising news from Friends of Boobs & Brass
Donations from previous years to Breast Cancer Campaign:
£17,281 from events in 2013 (Click HERE for full details)
£21,711.67 from events in 2012 (Click HERE for full details)
from events in 2011 (Click HERE for full details)
from events in 2010
from events in 2009
£26,575 from events in 2006, 2007, 2008

Other charities we have supported:

Blushing Brass, Verwood
Sharnbrook Mill Theatre
Finedon Church
Crazy Hats (a local Breast Cancer charity)
Kettering General Hospital Ophthalmic Department
St Peter's Church, Raunds
Help for Heroes
Finedon Church
Higham Ferrers Church
St Mary's Church Bells Appeal