Shi Dance - Doncaster

“Well, that`s a first! I have never danced to a brass band before!”
This  was one of the remarks made by one of the dancers who attended this very different Boobs & Brass event at The Parklands Social Club in Doncaster on Sunday, 23rd July.

In fact, it was also a first for many of the `Pink Ladies` too.  How many of us have ever played for a Shi Dance Group ? I know that  I have never done anything like this in over fifty years of banding and when Maxine proposed the idea to me  last year, I have to say, I was a bit dubious whether  it  would work,  but it did and what a great night it turned out to be.
Max had spoken to her friend, Susan Saul, and between them, with the help of their friends , they organised this very unusal event.  Susan `sold` the idea to her dancing friends and Max sought out some music that was suitable to  dance to.
Haven`t Met You Yet, Sway,  YMCA, Under The Boardwalk, Beyond The Sea, Uptown Funk, Singing In The Rain, All That Jazz, Locomotion,  Can`t Take My Eyes Off You, Candyman (with band vocals), In The Mood, Westminster Waltz and Delilah were some of the pieces that drew the dancers onto the dance floor and it was pretty amazing to see the waltz, foxtrot, jive and more modern dances being performed to the wonderful ladies in Boobs & Brass conducted by Mark Walters.
Each piece was introduced by Frank Hoyland, who, also stepped in to play bass trombone as one of the girls was unable to make it. Thanks Frank!

There were also a couple of numbers played in a more traditional concert style – Prismatic Light and I`ll Walk With God which the audience just listened to,   caught their breath  and replenished their fluids.
The room itself looked fantastic,   adorned with banners, pink balloons, flower decorations on every table, butterflies, multi coloured lighting and  “Boobs & Brass” favours – all created by Maxine herself – goodness know how many hours it took her!
There was also a fantastic raffle with numerous prizes plus a tombola with over another forty prizes. In addition to this there was a cake stand with the most fabulous cakes  which you could either eat during the evening or take home with you. I have to say that the date and walnut cake was probably the best I have ever tasted!
One of the highlights for me was to see Audrey, a dear friend and supporter of Boobs & Brass, being waltzed round the floor with a lovely smile on her face. For a short time she  may have felt  twenty one again not the eighty  plus years that she really is.  A wonderful  moment -  she really enjoyed herself!
There were a couple of donations made on the evening – one by Parklands Social Club itself – and by the end of the evening the total had reached £1,780 – unbelievable.
So many people made this event `work` - so thank you to each and everyone of you – we really do appreciate what you have done. To the girls in the band and Mark – thank you for all the hard work you have put in and for continuing to support the concept  - you have probably never played so much `cheese` in one night -  but - just look how much was raised.
I have to say a special `thankyou` to Maxine. My day had  started off pretty rough and she even went out,  bought `Immodium`  and delivered it to my hotel room!!!!!  I will say no more but all day I was in fear of not been close to a toilet!!!!  This was yet another job she managed to do amongst umpteen others to  make sure everything went smoothly. Max – you and your team did a fantastic job !!   Thankyou x