Caernarvon Ladies Festival – 9th December 2017

Way back in May, I received an email from Rebecca Weller, a tenor horn player with Long Eaton Silver Prize Band. She mentioned that one of their members was organising a charity concert and that his wife was keen that the money should go to Boobs & Brass because of the brass band link and the work that had been done in raising money for breast cancer research. We confirmed that this was a great idea and that we were very happy that we had been chosen as the recipient of their fund raising.
All details sorted, we travelled up to Nottingham yesterday to the Masonic Hall, Nottingham, home of the Caernarvon Lodge No 1909. Fred Aram is their Worshipful Master and he, together with his lovely wife Mavis, had organised the Ladies Festival. Fred is a cornet player in Long Eaton Silver Prize Band and Mavis had experienced breast cancer a number of years ago, hence the reason she suggested us as the charity to receive the funds.
Upon arrival at the Hall, we were pleased to meet with Fred, Mavis and Rebecca and helped to decorate the room with balloons, posters and gift boxes for all the ladies attending.

Very soon, Fred`s guests arrived for pre dinner drinks and Christmas Carols played by the band. A delicious meal followed, interspersed with official speeches and toasts. Then it was time to be entertained by the band – Fred had now changed into his red band jacket to be part of the `back row` team - but first, to the surprise of Fred – he was handed the baton to lead the band through Colonel Bogey. Sharon Stansfield then took over and led the band through a very entertaining programme of popular, entertaining music which also involved vocal solos by her granddaughter and son. Not only do they both play in the band but they also sing – and they were both absolutely fantastic as was the young lad performing his solo on tenor horn.
The band took a well  earned rest and  the guests were encouraged to take part in the `Gay Gordons` and the `Barn Dance` - it was good to see some the band members participating and enjoying their break.
During the evening, Fred and Mavis`s two daughters encouraged everyone to part with their cash to buy raffle tickets to try to win one of the numerous raffle prizes that were on offer. After the raffle was drawn and the prizes distributed, the band concluded the evening with more playing, fun and entertainment – including Gavin Somerset`s arrangement of Les Miserables – this time with several band members singing – including Sharon and her husband Rob.
Finally, it was time for Fred to make his final speech and to thank his team who had helped him to put this evening together and to make it the great success that it was.
It was home time, but not before everyone had linked arms, formed a circle and sung Auld Lang Syne, accompanied by the band. What a wonderful evening it had been, only made better by Fred handing us £920 to take with us on our two hour journey home,  to take us another step to that quarter of a million target.
Thank you Fred and Mavis – and everyone who did this for Boobs & Brass and Breast Cancer Now.