News 2014

18th December: A cheque for £2212 is being sent to Breast Cancer Campain today - this has been raised as follows.

Lighthouse Theatre concert - £1050 (We also donated £100 to The British Legion) Bolsover Festival - £669 Sale of Pbones - £320 Becky Ludlow playing Last Post - donation from Milton Malsor Parish Council £50 `Chappers` Mum knitting and selling pink hedgehogs - £20 CD Sales - £70 General Donations £33

We have now paid for the Research Project and have £600 in reserve for the next one that we select.

So in total this year we have raised £20,600 - absolutely amazing - a great achievement by all you "Boobies"


11th November: Click HERE to read Alison's write up about our concert in the Lighthouse Theatre on November 9th
29th October:
Today we are sending £3,230 to Breast Cancer Campaign which has been raised as follows:-
Massed Bands with Brighouse & Rastrick Band - £1500, Bucket collection at Huddersfield Town Hall - £1000,
Brighouse Festival - balance of payment - £300, CD Sales - £270, Donations - £160
27th October: Click HERE to read about our joint concert with Brighouse & Rastrick at Huddersfield Town Hall
26th October
Laura & Jess receiving their certificates from Breast Cancer Campaign for making loom bands
& selling them for £68.90
8th October: Click HERE to see the photos from the Bolsover Charity Contest
2nd October: Click HERE to read about the formation of the southern Boobs & Brass band
(Thanks to Dennis Wilby & Brass Review)
22nd September: Today we are sending £1602.50 to BCC. This is the amount raised by the southern band of Boobs & Brass from their concert at St. John's Church, West Byfleet on Saturday 13th September.
Click HERE to read about the West Byfleet concert
12th September: Cheque for £1000 sent to BCC - £1000 September 2014 Concert Salvation Army Hall Sunday 7th Sept  £789, Sale of CDs £60, Friends of Boobs & Brass £60, addition from Knighton Church £25, Donation from Rushden Town Band £20, donation from a lady in Horsham £40, general donations £6. Only £6444 to raise towards our latest Research Project!
12th August: Cheque for £371 being sent to BCC today - this was raised by Thorpe Waterville Village committee who held a Duck Race & raised this amount by selling ducks!
Click HERE for press release in the Brighouse Echo
3rd July: We are sending ANOTHER cheque to BCC for £950. This is made up as follows:-
Brighouse Festival street collection - £600.16 Sale of loom bands - £68.40 CD sales - £270 Donations - £11.44

29th June: Northern Boobs & Brass at the Brighouse Festival
Brighouse Street Collection £566.46, Donations on merchandise stand £33.70, Loom Bands sold by Laura & Jess £68.40
Total £668.56

29th June: Southern Boobs & Brass at their rehearsal

28th June: A cheque for £3200 will be sent to Breast Cancer Campaign next week.
Whit Friday Marches Saddleworth 13th June £1532.50, Sale of 4 pink Pbones £340.00, Donation from Quinn Glass Ltd £100
Concert at St Mary`s Church, Knighton £1150.00, Loom Bands £21.66, Playing at Anniversary Party £50, Donation pots £5.84

Click HERE to read about our concert in St Mary's Church, Knighton on June 21st
Click HERE to read about our Whit Friday experience!
6th June: Our 6th research project has been chosen. We need £20,000 to pay for it but have already raised over £8000.
Click HERE for further details & HERE for link to BCC website
29th May: Click HERE for photos & write up from our Titchmarsh Concert
A cheque for £2020 has been sent Breast Cancer Campaign:  
£1750 from Titchmarsh, £190 from the sale of CDs, £60 donations & £20  - from the sale of "You Raise Me Up"
(arr. Steve Walker)- puchased by a Japanese lady at the Europeans!!

5th May 2014
42 new Boobies were at the first rehearsal of Boobs & Brass South, held Sunday 4th May at the RBL bandroom in Horsham and conducted by Dennis Wilby.  Several girls had travelled some distance to join us, including one from South Wales and even a French Boobie. OK so she used to live in Horsham and was over for the weekend visiting her old bandmates but we were pleased to have her along and she plans to be back for the concert too!  Despite most of the band not knowing each other we made a great sound and were soon working through the programme for our first concert in September. 
A half time tea break gave us all time to get to know each other, enjoy some cake and decide which bit of Boobs merchandise we wanted to buy and then it was time to get back to work. 

It was a hugely enjoyable rehearsal and we look forward to the next one on June 29th.  We are still a bit light on trombones, euphs and basses so if anyone knows of any South East based female players who would like to join us then please ask them to get in touch with Gill English (
12th April: We are sending a cheque to BCC for £2255. This is made up as follows:-
Concert at Sharnbrook £1200 (£1200 was also raised for the Sharnbrook Mill Theatre)
Sale of CDS £370, donation from pupils at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe school £60.00.
Donation from people listening at `up north` rehearsal 16th March £29.50 Other donations £595.50

Click HERE to view the video of "I'll Walk with God" taken at Sharnbrook by Peter Herbert

Boobs & Brass rehearsing both in Raunds & Yorkshire on Sunday 16th March!
Conductors were Stan Lippeatt (Raunds) & Mark Walters (Yorkshire)

The Yorkshire players were delighted to receive their first donation:
£29.50 from the ladies of the local church after a "spur of the moment" collection!

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