On May 9th 2013 Glenis & Cheryl (our "Boob Crew" who usually run our merchandise stall) with Maggie & Keith attended the Breast Cancer Campaign annual reception at the House of Lords representing Boobs & Brass.
Here are Glenis' thoughts on the day!

Cheryl & Glenis

On the 9th May Cheryl & myself had the honour of representing such a wonderful set of ladies who since 2006 have given of their time, talents & money in raising funds for the Breast Cancer Campaign, at the annual awards evening held in the Cholmondeley Suite at the House of Lords.
Our day started with Keith & Maggie cvollecting us from our homes & driving to Wellingborough station. On arrival at St Pancras we had a solight problem at the gate with Cheryl's ticket being eaten up by the machine. After intervention by a "very nice man" we found that we did not have a ticket for the underground as Maggie had been loed to believe - hey ho! So off to the Ticket Office, again another "very nice man" came to our rescue & issued us with our underground passes. I'm not too sure what he made of us, but think Cheryl brightened his day!
We made our way towards Covent Garden. After a stroll around & watching an escapologist for about 15minutes we had a spot of lunch at the Punch & Judy pub, also enjoying some liquid refreshment! Leaving Covent Garden we decided to walk down to Westminster. That was probably not such a good idea as it was blowing a gale & was bitter cold. However it did keep fine.
After visiting the MP's pub (which was heaving) we retired to a less inhabited establishment until it was time to go to the House of Lords. As it had been the State Opening of Parliament the day before, the barriers were still in place so we had to take a much longer route intstead of just being ale to cross the road. On arrival the police had been given instructions not to allow anyone through until 6.30pm. However they took pity on us as the wind was horrendous! After being scanned & having photos taken for security purposes we proceeded to the Cholmondeley Suite. What a beautiful setting & if the weather had been kinder we could have been out on the verandah overlooking the Thames & the London Eye. However we were greeted by Baroness Delyth Morgan & Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe who made us feel so welcome and so very proud when they knew all about Boobs & Brass and what we were about. To say the food & drink were superb is an understatement - just ask Cheryl!
We made friends with a couple of ladies who came from Kent, one of who was having chemo, & it was very emotional hearing her story. Baroness Warwick then introduced a young lady in her 30s who has 2 children. The oldest was 2 and the youngest just 6 months when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a very emotional story & I don't think there was a dry eye in the Suite.
The awards were then presented & it was nice to hear that 2 of the awards went to university students who had chosen Breast Cancer Campaign as their charity for the year. Sadly Boobs & Brass did not receive an award this year but to be asked to attend this event every years just shows the esteem that the organisation holds with the Breast Cancer Campaign.
As they say "all good things come to an end" & so we returned back home on a high.
Both Cheryl and I would like to that Jane & Maggie for allowing us to be part of this very special occasion and say what a wonderful time we had - and are so proud to be "Boobies"!