Brighouse Festival of Brass 2013

The Brighouse Experience - (written by our youngest player: Anya Jimes)
I am only 12 and I have just had my third Boob job!

Saturday 29th June 2013:
We all met up and took the bus – sorry "coach" as the driver Stewart says- to get to Brighouse for our weekend journey. On the coach, we had some delicious sandwiches, cake and crisps (yum, yum) which kept us going for the rest of the long trip. We started the fundraising on the coach with a raffle and raised £85 for our cause, however I didn’t win Boo Hoo…  Our trip was great, everyone got excited when we arrived at the hotel. It was really nice inside and the rooms were really big! We didn’t have much time to look around, as we had to go over to a nearby church to have a rehearsal for the concert that night.

The concert went really well and we played a range of pieces, such as: Lily The Pink, Nine to Five, Lord Of The Dance and The Acrobat which is a trombone solo played fantastically by Charlotte Horsfield and she is only 14!
As well as this, we played YMCA at the end of the concert. The conductor (Martin Dawson) left the band playing while he danced around the audience looking hilarious!
All in all, a success and I had to sign a programme for one of the audience … I’m famous!

Sunday 30th June
We all woke up, got all of our stuff together loaded it all onto the coach. We drove to meet up with another band for a quick rehearsal for a Brighouse festival march.
It got to the time of the march and I was getting really nervous. I have never marched while playing before. But the nerves went with 44 ladies all wearing pink marching to the tune Thank Heavens for Little Girls, this brought a smile to the audience, we finished off with Lily the Pink and in the ten minutes we raised another £300.

It all went well and we had a great time. Unfortunately, that was the end of our Brighouse festival. We all got on the coach and had our trip home while watching a DVD of some of our members dancing on Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew (a programme which they have recently been on). We all got safely home and had a great time.
That was the end of our Brighouse festival weekend.

Thanks Boobs and Brass for a great weekend.
Anya  - Cornet Boobette

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